Location: Thessaloniki, 1980
Creators: A couple full of dreams and love
Product: Shirt

Thus begun the years- long and unique journey in the world of Stefan_

Driven by finesse, quality and fashion trends over the years, a young couple’s vision for men’s shirt immersed into colour, took shape – took a whole new vibe! The company manages to stand out in the domestic menswear market with the shirt as their banner!

New data_

Location: Thessaloniki, 2014
Protagonist: A young man full of energy and passion about fashion.
Product: Whatever a man in style needs.

The family has grown –Stefanos Kaimaktsis is now taking the reins.
Powered by his vision & ambition, he attempts and succeeds in changing the identity of Stefan.
His creative & restless spirit diversifies and enriches the collections, thus allowing selection among many different items.

Instilled with a contemporary and modern look, Stefan is a company than can cover a man’s needs regardless of the occasion or the season.
There is only one prerequisite: The desire to stand out!

With immense respect to the apparel & the consumer, Stefan manages to expand beyond domestic boundaries and currently stands out in the fashion industry, with collaborations & kin supporters all over the world.
The company invests in fashion campaigns and photoshoots featuring world famous models, the first being Mariano Di Vaio.
With hard work, loads of effort & persistence, the once small Greek craft industry managed to become a fully integrated international menswear company - we are extremely proud for that!

There have been many changes over the years. The one thing that remains rigorously unchanged is the undisputed high quality of the fabrics & materials used to manufacture Stefan’s products – the reason why each item both is and seams special! Always with a Greek signature.

Stefan is committed both towards consumers and the environment!
Driven by eco-friendly attitude, our intention is to reduce our ecological footprint without compromising the quality of our products. Environmentally conscious, we aim at satisfying even the most demanding among you. We dare you!

“The world is yours”
The world is yours & we are here to make you feel better into it!

This is who we are…

We are looking forward to meeting you…

Best regards