Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our company website. Www.stefanfashion.com is the electronic (hereinafter the "online store") of the company with the name "E-COSS P.C ", and with the distinctive title "STEFAN FASHION.." which is based in Thessaloniki, Ptolemaion Street, number 14 and is legally represented with No. G.E.M.I. : 160712604000, with VAT number 801643890 of ‘E Thessaloniki, tel +30 2310 521702, e-mail address support@e-coss.com . and telephone line of the online store: +30 2310 521702 (from now called ‘’the Company ").


The terms and conditions listed below cover exclusively every product purchase through our online store, www.stefanfashion.com  Every user that enters and or deals (from now on called for brevity "visitor" or/and "user" or "customer" depending on whether he only visits the store or proceeds in ordering and purchasing products) is assumed to agree and accept unreservedly the terms listed below, without any exceptions. If a user does not agree with those terms, then with his responsibility should abstain from the visit, the usage of the web page as well as any trade in the online store.


Provided information and products

The Company is bound to the accuracy, the truth and the completeness of the information which is listed on the online store, in anything that concerns the identity of the COMPANY as well as the transactions provided through the online store. The company, in the context of good faith, is not responsible and not bound from submissions of electronic data which were made by accident/mistake by collective experience and is entitled to correct those whenever their existence is perceived.

Limitation of liability

The COMPANY in the context of its transactions from the online store informs the customer based on the kept information of the product availability or not and in no case can guarantee their availability. In every case, the COMPANY takes the responsibility to inform the customer in time for the unavailability, so in that case, does not have any further responsibility. The COMPANY is not responsible and does not have any responsibility of refunding any possible damages that might occur from the cancellation of orders, from the nonexecution or the delayed execution of them, for any reason. The online store provides the content (for example information, names, photographs) & products which are available through the website "as exactly they are". The COMPANY is not responsible civilly or criminally liable for any damages (positive, special or repayable, which indicative and not restrictive, alternatively and or cumulatively suggests in profit loss, data, loss of earning, financial satisfaction etc.) that a visitor of the online store might suffer or third party from the cause that is associated with the operation or not or/and the use of the website or/and products or/and information which is available on it or/and from possibly not allowed interventions of third party on products or/and information which is available through it.


Links in the web page

The links which are included in the online store, lead to pages of the store or in some cases lead the user to go from it (the online store) to third party web pages, companies, etc. Those links are governed by separate and independent terms of Data Protection. We suggest that you study those authorities when you visit such websites. The Data Protection Authority covers our website exclusively and not other websites. The COMPANY is not responsible for internet transmission or for any broadcast which is received from any linked web pages

Privacy policy

Our Company guarantees that it has taken all the necessary technical and organizational measures to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all User data. The Company for the operation of the online store uses and constantly upgrades the systems required for the safe and proper operation of the store and constantly monitors the reliability and effectiveness of security systems. Indicatively it uses a system of backups, protection, protection against viruses, protection against malicious actions.



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